Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Symetrix Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Model SM933

The Laidig Symetrix reclaimers offer superior performance and dependability for applications with high-density or abrasive materials.  Laidig’s Symetrix system is engineered to provide completely automated, near-total clean out, encouraging first-in-first-out material distribution for processing to strict quality-control standards.

The Symetrix provides an access beam which spans the diameter of the storage vessel.  This beam offers complete access to all components of the Symetrix, even under a full head-height of material.  Serviceable components would include motors, gearboxes, reducers, and the auger cutter blades.  Even the entire auger can be removed from a full silo through the auger access door at the end of the beam.

Since the access beam bears the material load and shields the auger from high compressive forces during both the fill and subsequent operation, the Symetrix is the system of choice for high-density materials.  Coal, dense powders, and heavy or coarse granular materials are ideal applications for the Symetrix.