Laidig Reclaimer Unloaders




Reclaim Systems / Silo unloaders

Laidig specializes in custom-engineered material handling systems that store and reclaim materials with special handling requirements, especially those that require exceptionally rugged, extreme-duty equipment. As a result of the decades of pioneering innovations with bottom-reclaim systems, Laidig is recognized world-wide as an industry leader in this highly-specialized field. Laidig has developed a wide range of storage and reclaim systems that can be tailored to an entire spectrum of application requirements. New designs with the latest technology are constantly being introduced to the marketplace. Laidig is continually involved in cutting-edge development to offer their customers the best solutions for their storage and reclaim problems.

Cone-Bottom Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Series 3445, 4300, 5300, 8300, 9300, 9600

Cone-bottom storage and reclaim systems are ideal for materials with moderate flow characteristics, such as dry meals, chemicals, plastics, and small wood waste. Standard systems are typically available with 30, 45, or 60 degree hoppers in either steel tanks or corrugated bins up to 60' in diameter.

Cantilever Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models 243, 533, 543, 633, 733

The cantilever storage and reclaim systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of material applications in flat-bottom vertical storage structures 30 feet to 80 feet (9 - 24.4m) in diameter. Standard systems are designed with steel bolted tanks or, optionally, with concrete silos. For lighter applications corrugated bin systems are also available.

Track-Drive Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models 298, 498, 698, 698H, 1098, 1098H

These heavy-duty, track-driven systems are designed for continuous operation under the most challenging conditions. When higher-volume delivery is required, or when handling materials with poor flow characteristics, track-driven reclaim systems are often the best solution. Storage structures for this series range from 20' - 70' (6m - 21m) in diameter, and are available in steel bolted tanks or, optionally, in monolithic concrete silos.

Based on Laidig's decades of unequaled experience in track-driven reclaim systems, the 2098 and 2098H DOMinator combine the next generation automated high-delivery reclaimer with high-volume dome or super-silo storage. These storage and reclaim systems provide cost-effective solutions for high-volume applications, providing up to 1,000,000 CF (28,000m3) storage with continuous reclaim rates as high as 600 CFM (17m3/min). 

Meet the “X-Traktor.” The next generation of Laidig reclaimers.  These large-diameter, rugged machines have been designed from the ground-up to excel in the harshest material handling conditions.

Planetaire Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models PL433, PL443, PL833

The Laidig Planetaire features an Access-Beam that supports the unloader and allows total access, even in a full silo!  The Planetaire is the system of choice for storing and reclaiming high-density materials where other reclaim systems often fall short.  Coal, dense powders, and heavy or coarse granular materials are all ideal candidates for the Planetaire

The Laidig Symetrix reclaimers offer superior performance and dependability for applications with high-density or abrasive materials.  Laidig’s Symetrix system is engineered to provide completely automated, near-total clean out, encouraging first-in-first-out material distribution for processing to strict quality-control standards.

CleanSweep Silo Unloading System

Models CS210, CS310, CS410, CS510, CS1010, CS2010

The Laidig CleanSweep system is ideal for high-volume storage of free-flowing materials, such as dry grains and pellets. The CleanSweep system is a wheel-supported reclaimer that provides total cleanout with zero personnel entry into the bin. The unique reversing capability of the CleanSweep enables maximum operational flexibility. 

CleanSweep systems are available in corrugated bins, welded steel tanks, or monolithic concrete silos in diameters up to 200 feet.

The Laidig RotoSweep system is ideal for high-volume, large diameter storage of free-flowing materials, such as grains, sugar and pellets. The RotoSweep system is a positive-advance track-driven reclaimer that provides total cleanout with zero personnel entry into the dome.

Fluidized Screw Silo Unloader Reclaim System

Models FS510, FS1010, FS2010

The Fluidized Screw Reclaim System integrates the rugged mechanical screw with an efficient air-gravity conveyor system to proved totally automated reclaiming for cement, fly ash, talc powders and other fluidized materials.  Dome systems are available up to 164' in diameter, with the capability of discharge rates up to 250 MT/hr.