Laidig Systems, Inc




History of Laidig

When Jon Laidig built his first bottom reclaimer in 1961, the agriculture industry was searching for a more reliable and rugged reclaim system for silage. Jon’s interest and ability in engineering, coupled with his strong commitment and relentless drive to develop a high-quality, cost-effective reclaimer, soon resulted in the realization of an innovative, efficient reclaim system. With that initial success, Jon founded Laidig, Inc. in 1964.

Over five decades later, and under the leadership of Jon’s grandson, Daniel, that pioneer formula of innovation, quality, commitment, and relentless drive continues to meet with success. Laidig is now an industry leader in the bulk storage and reclaim industry, specializing in screw-type bottom reclaimers in silos, domes, and open piles. Thousands of bulk storage and reclaim systems are installed worldwide, with new system designs continuously introduced to incorporate the latest technology and meet the challenges of today’s world. Laidig is proud to be setting the standards in the bulk storage and reclaim industry.

Known throughout the industry for their rugged, high-quality systems, Laidig excels in providing customized solutions for the storage and reclaim of materials with poor material flow characteristics or other special handling requirements. Both domestically and internationally, Laidig provides solutions to bulk storage and handling problems that other companies are unable or unwilling to provide. Such materials include biomass (i.e. wood chips, corn cobs, cellulosic material), trona, pet coke, crushed coal, FGD gypsum, limestone, fly ash, cement, grains, grain meals, powders, fertilizers, pellets, and a variety of recycled materials.

Laidig designs, engineers, markets, fabricates, installs, and services their storage and reclaim systems to provide complete “turnkey” material-handling systems, including the reclaimer, storage vessel, and peripheral conveying and handling equipment. Laidig's highly-qualified team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide solutions for some of the most difficult material handling challenges.